Why Natural?


I’m sure some of you are asking yourselves, but why NATURAL baby mamas? To me Natural can have more than one meaning. First, yes, it does stand for is most basic meaning “coming from nature”. I was raised by parents who are Naturopaths and are owners of a natural wellness center. So utilizing natural approaches to wellness is more or less my default. But beyond that in terms of being a natural baby mama I think it means that you are coming to “motherhood” in whatever capacity that might be, in your most natural way. It’s what you were meant to do. You could be the mother to your own children, the nurturer of your friend group, the greatest aunt you ever did meet, a dog mom, a cat mom, a step mother, a foster mother, a grandmother or a great grandmother. Whatever type of mama you are, you are operating from that place within that does all things with the intrinsic knowledge that this is one of the things you were put here to do.  And so I consider YOU a Natural Baby Mama, a member of this awesome tribe.