What’s my story?


Hey, friends! My name is Marieke Jansen. I’m a positive girl in a (sometimes) challenging world. I’ve seen some things. I’ve lived some life. Just like everyone else out there…I’m simply trying to find my way. Kindness is best. Boundaries are necessary. Forgiveness always…to yourself and others. It doesn’t excuse behavior, but it lightens your load. I’m unpacking the baggage of the past and moving forward on this wonderful adventure that is my life.  The love and support from my guy, my family, and my friends make my days brighter. A lot of times I find I need to ask Jesus to take the wheel. Though with enough coffee and mascara, I can handle just about anything. Reality TV is my break from the world…my delicious junk food…a treat for my soul. Karaoke makes me happy. My one woman dance parties are a thing of beauty. If I can make you laugh, cause you to think, and help you feel a little less alone in it all, then I’ll have achieved my goal.

My official stats include, but are not limited to…

36 years old. Mother to two angels (miscarried 4/22/15 and 1/31/16). Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Development from Colby-Sawyer College 2002. CMT Massage Therapy from The Salter School 2007. Founder of naturalbabymamas.co 2016.