The Comeback


Soooooooo…it’s been a while.

A little too long.

Though, I needed a bit of a break if I’m being honest. I needed to refocus and really truly figure out what I wanted to say. I was starting to feel like every blog was so heavy and serious. Don’t get me wrong…serious is okay, serious is needed at times. I was just starting to feel like I was defining myself as the sad woman who had two miscarriages. While yes, I have had two miscarriages and yes they both made me extremely sad and I was lost in the darkness for quite some time; I have also found my way back into the light and I don’t want to be that sad woman anymore.

So here I am, making my comeback to the blog. Getting ready to continue sharing bits and pieces of my experiences with you including the serious, but also a little levity too. I want this blog to be a space where we, myself and all of you beautiful and wonderful readers, can talk about it all. We can talk about our joys and our sorrows, the good, the bad, and the flat out ridiculous. Let’s share about what it means to be a woman today. What are the challenges we face, the tips we’ve got for navigating this wild ride, and the things we love so very much about our lives. Let’s support each other during the tough stuff and let’s laugh together about that crazy shit you just can’t make up.

I’ll still be sharing about my fertility journey (at present I basically just pee on sticks all month long…LOL). I’ll be sharing about my next steps in healing my eating disordered past (I start with a new therapist soon to tackle these basically life long issues). I will even be talking about turning…37…ugh…aaaaaaaaaand I’m planning on talking about SEX….ooooooooh. Sex is something many feel so uncomfortable talking about…but I, well I have no shame…and let’s be real…I like getting some good old fashioned sexy time in. But I also want to hear from you about topics you’d like to cover, things you want to talk through. I want to make this next phase of Natural Baby Mamas fun and interesting. So join me, my sweet friends!

Marieke xoxo

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